On keeping an open mind

In our search for our life’s purpose and passion, we often get caught within the restrains of the disciplinarian box. Our lives are spent in serving the substance, but not deriving the satisfaction that is expected when one finds one’s direction. But sometimes it is not the substance that we are passionate about, but everything…More


Tasks are for the weekGoals for the monthResolutions for the yearIdentity for a lifetime. Assuming the identity of the person one wants to become will encourage actions that are in alignment with the purpose. If one assumes the identity of a writer, one has to do what a writer does, which is writing regularly. Same…More

On patience

What makes patience such a rare quality? Why is it so hard to keep our present disappointment at bay for the sake of future gains? Is it because the prospect for the future is abstract and we are not able to visualize a postponement in satisfaction? That might be true to a degree, but can…More

On otherness

As a society we have a strange insecurity with otherness. Diversity is a source of anxiety rather than curiosity. This is evident to me every time I read dated anthropological accounts. But the vestiges of our fear of the other are scattered throughout our contemporary lives, social yes, but perpetrated by the personal. We spend…More

Walk along the Mississippi

It was 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) today. The sun was out, and the people followed. I, too, stepped out for a walk around my block just to catch some fresh air. I saw some people in the distance sitting on a restaurant patio. The gentle breeze carried their melodious laughter all the way to me and…More

Capture infrastructure

An earlier post described my thoughts after clearing nearly 2000 unread emails from my inbox. One of the observations was that I needed to clarify downstream processing. The first step towards it was defining my capture infrastructure, that is, a stack of tools that work seamlessly to capture every thought, every task, and every resource.…More

Space and productivity

A messy desk is not a sign of a messy mind, but can certainly lead to one. Disorganized person space, physical, digital or mental, can be distracting and unhelpful to being focused on more important tasks. However, clearing it is not enough to bring back that focus. Space that does not reflect our priorities will…More

I cleared my inbox and this is what I discovered

I have spent most of my productive hours of this week on digital decluttering. So far I have only managed to cover the most urgent digital space, my email accounts. Before I began decluttering, it was a graveyard labyrinth where productivity died but did not rest in peace. Here’s what I have discovered about my…More

On anger

Being short tempered is not a trait. It is a symptom. Anger is the gatekeeper of fear, insecurity, and low self-esteem. Patience, on the other hand, is a garb of the self-assured. Next time we find ourselves finding it hard to breathe as anger bubbles and weighs on our diaphragm, it would be helpful to…More

On having a team

When we hear about self-made people and find ourself wondering how they did it all alone, there should be a voice in the background that says “they did not.” And they really did not do it alone. No one can. The earlier we learn this the better we can use this wisdom to our advantage.…More